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8 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do




Building a strong, loving and healthy relationship is not just limited to what the couple needs to do. Sometimes, it is all about what they do in the relationship and to each other, to make sure that the relationships strives. Here are 8 things that happy couples just do not do:

Discourage each other

People that are in a relationship and who care and love each other should encourage each other, not discourage. When it comes to dreams and goals that you are both trying to achieve, you should both be supporting each other through those dreams, and not trying to hold the other person back. Discouraging your partner will only make them resent you, and that, quite frankly, can mess up the relationship in a big way.

Play mind games

When you have found someone who you love, that you want to be with, there should be no space for mind games. You will call the person you are with when you want to, not because you are trying to manipulate them into doing something that you want. The same with texting, and the same goes for seeing them.

Doubt how they feel about each other

When you are with the person you love that loves you back, you will be able to communicate how you feel about each other in an honest way. You will know how she feels about you and she will know how you feel about her, there will be no space for doubts and feeling insecure.

Stop Trying

When you finally get the person that you love, you will never stop trying to show them how much they mean to you, how much you care about them.

 Ignore Issues Affecting you

Relationships can be challenging at times, even the most beautiful relationships and the happiest couples will disagree about things. The issues and problems that you face as a couple are things that you should talk about and sort out, instead of ignoring them or pretending that they are not happening. The issues you face together, should be what makes you stronger as you face them together and you sort them out together.

Snooping Around

Two people who are happily in a relationship trust each other.  Trust is one of the huge ingredients when it comes to healthy relationships, and because of the trust that exists, happy couples will not break each others trust by snooping around and looking for things to trap their partner with. Snooping is really an invasion of privacy, and happy couples trust each other and know that there is no reason to snoop around because they have trust, and there is no reason to not trust their person.

Bring Up the Past

We all have a past, and some people have a more colourful past than others. Digging up and bringing it up will only mess up the relationship, because those things are just not relevant anymore. Leave the past in the past, and never use it to hurt the person that you are with.

Allow Things to Get Boring

People who have great relationships work at it, and they don’t allow things to get to the point where they are boring and stale. Whether it is in your bedroom or outside, you should keep each other loved up, happy and satisfied.

Being happy in a relationship is not something that will just happen. It takes both of you to play your part and make sure that your relationship is great.

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