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9 Mistakes Men Make in Relationships


It’s no secret, relationships are tough. They all start perfectly, with both persons putting their best foot forward to impress the other person. Then of course, as the months go by, the real people start to emerge.

Men do tend to make critical relationship blunders. And I say critical, because some of these mistakes can make you lose a very special woman.

Let’s look at the mistakes.

Mistakes Men Make in Relationships

Giving a woman too much power

In the beginning of a relationship, some guys really get smitten with the girl they find, so smitten in fact that they give their power to her. If a woman is given too much power in the relationship, she will end up deciding the friends that you get to keep, when you can go out, when the sex is to happen and a lot of other things in your life.

This could be a situation where you were pursuing a woman who you thought was out of your league, and you are just willing to do anything to get her and be with her. The problem though is that you will lose your power. If you are a great guy, then you deserve a good woman, not one who wants to control your life and the things you do. A good relationship is one where no one partner has the power, and the bulk of the decisions are based on what is good for the two of you.

Trying to control her or the relationship

A relationship is never healthy, once one partner wants all the power to themselves. Though, you should not give your power away to the woman in your life, you also should not want to control her.

A power struggle in a relationship is unhealthy and will only lead to the demise of that relationship.Women do not like men who want to control their lives, and if you are that kind of guy who wants to control his woman, you might be having issues of insecurity.

Believing that the good you do today will last until tomorrow

The woman in your life has a short memory, and so do women all over. The flowers you buy her today show that you care and love her today. Tomorrow is a brand new day, and she needs to hear that you love her still. The “I love you” said yesterday won’t cut it today, so you have to dish out new compliments, so she knows you still care.

Showing her that you love her, or showing her affection or telling her you love her or that she looks good should be something you do continuously. She constantly wants to see and hear great things coming from her man. Be sweet to her.

Being too possessive

Your woman does not like a guy who is possessive or jealous or overbearing. If she tells you that it turns her on or that she finds it sexy, then that relationship is unhealthy for you to be in.

Women want to feel like they have something to contribute to a relationship, and no woman will appreciate being told what to do and to be treated like she is beneath her man.

Allowing family and friends to meddle in your relationship

Your relationship should be between you and your woman, even if you are married. Sure, you can ask for advice, but no one outside your marriage should have control over what happens between you and your wife.

This is a huge no-no. A marriage or a relationship should be a partnership, and what happens should be from the two people most affected, and that’s you and your woman. No woman likes to be told how to run their life, or for someone to make decisions for them, so do not involve your mom or family, otherwise that relationship does not have much of a chance.


Don’t worry about having it all together. Sure, the great job would be great, and the nice car, but a good woman is more interested in what you can bring in going forward, where your head is at and how you are thinking about the future.

In time, most women will want to see you improve.Women just want to be with someone who has plans for the future, and who is determined on bettering themselves and their life.

Choosing a woman solely based on how she looks

Choosing a woman based on her physical appearance is dangerous. Yes, it’s not easy to not pay attention to the looks, but what about the other critical attributes that will ensure you choose an amazing woman?

What about a woman who has a kind heart, who is compassionate and who is compatible with you? Take into consideration about the other things that you want in a woman, because one day, you can be sure that she won’t be as pretty or sexy as she is today.

Putting someone else before your woman

Whether it’s a friend, your hobbies, your car, work or just about anything, it should  never come before your woman.

Of course there will be instances when you have to work long hours because of a project, or something else that comes up that needs your attention, but it should never be at the expense of your relationship. If your woman feels that you are giving more attention to something more than her, she will be hurt, and she will also start pulling back from the relationship.

Yielding to temptation from other women

Some women are attracted to men that are in relationships, and this is bad if a woman shows an interest in you and you actually indulge her.

Women know that guys are physically attracted, but that’s as far as it should go. Though you may not be able to deny the attraction, acting on it is a bad idea, unless you want to lose your woman.

The woman tempting you has nothing to lose of course, but as for you, you will hurt the woman in your life, break the trust she has for you and mess up a potential good relationship.

These are of course not the only mistakes men make in relationships, but they do cover the common ones that break up a lot of the relationships.


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