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9 Signs it’s Time to Let Go Of Your Relationship


Reasons to let go of your relationship

Holding on to a relationship is really brave, but at times it can be ‘stupid’ because holding on makes you waste time when you could be happy with someone in your life. Holding on to someone can make you miss someone that you are meant to be with who could actually make you happy. Letting go of them, and taking that leap of faith will make you much stronger and open you up to whatever life has in store for you.

Here are ten signs it’s time to let go of your relationship:

1. The person you are with expects you to be someone you are totally not – Do not ever change the person that you are for someone. Rather lose them for being yourself, rather than trying to hang on to them through pretending to be someone, because in time you will get tired of being someone else. Rather deal with losing them, than trying to figure out who you are, as you will not know yourself anymore.

2. A person’s actions don’t match their words – If a person tells you how much they love you, but their words are far from their actions, then it might be time for you to consider letting them go. Love goes much deeper than someone saying ‘I love you’. More than listen to what they say to you, watch the things that they do. If they consistently hurt you consciously, then it might be time to say goodbye.

3. You find that you are forcing the person in your life to love you – Let me just start by saying that you cannot force a person to love you or be with you, it is either they do or they don’t. You should never beg someone to get them to stay, when they want to be gone out of your life. When love leaves your life, of course there will be heartache and devastation, but you should understand that maybe it is leaving for a  certain reason. And when it does leave your life, there is a lesson that you are supposed to learn. Anyone can be impressive in the beginning of you meeting them, and they can say all the right things to get in your life, but it takes someone amazing to stay in your life and make you happy. The one who is worth to be in your life is definitely worth fighting for.

4. Intimacy in your relationship is based on how hot you look – Being beautiful is way more than how you look or how hot you are. It is about who you are, the things that you believe in, the things that make you stand out from everyone else, it is about the little things that only you do, that you only will say or the heart that you have. The people who are drawn to you because of your hot body or how pretty you look are not going to be in your life forever, it is those who appreciate you even when you are not looking so good or even if you have gained a little weight that will make a positive impact in your life.

5. The person keeps breaking your trust – I love this ‘Love means giving someone the chance to hurt you, but trusting them not to’. In the moment when you make a decision to trust someone no matter what, you will either have someone who will be in your life forever, or you are going to learn a great life lesson, which can also bring you pain. Through this process, you will find out the people who deserve your trust, you will find out those who completely don’t, you will find out those people who will readily drop everything for you and risk it all for you. Those are the people you should keep in your life.

6. Someone who does not know what you are worth – You have got to know your worth, because you will know immediately when someone does not respect you. Do not ever put yourself in a situation where you lose a piece of yourself, because you can never get it back. If the person in your life really cares for you, they will fight for you to be in their life, and they will show you how important you are. If the person you are with does not appreciate you, let them go. Of course it may be really hard at first, but you will be just fine and in time, you can ask yourself why you did not do it sooner.

7. They never allow you to speak your mind, and when they do, they do a very poor job at listening – You need to be able to speak your mind and say whatever is bothering you in your relationship. Sometimes, the argument you have with your partner can absolutely save your relationship, because silence can really break it apart. As partners, you should be able to listen to each other, and if you are not allowed to have your say about what is bothering you, chances are you will never have your say.

8. You are frequently forced to sacrifice your happiness – Never sacrifice your being happy and your self respect for someone who does not even deserve it. I would rather be alone with my dignity intact than be with someone who tears down at my being happy and my self respect.

9. You obsess over and live in the past – The pain and the heartache that you will have to go through, you will overcome in time. You might forget the reasons why you cried, but you will be able to focus on what is to come. Let the past go, focus on freeing yourself and remind yourself that there will be new relationships that make you happy and you will have great experiences.

Through it all and through the pain, never let go of hope. You have to know what you are worth and what you deserve and you have to keep pressing forward. Though it may look unbelievable at the moment, but things will work out and it does get better in time.

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