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9 Things Every Girl Expects from Her Boyfriend


what every woman expects from her boyfriend

Expectations are there in every relationship, and in all honesty, they can make or break a relationship. There are certain things that women expect from their boyfriends, and if you don’t know what those are, that can get you into trouble with your woman.

When guys know what it is that their women expect from them, instead of tension and trouble in the relationship, you will be on your way to relationship bliss.

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So, here are . . .

Things Every Girl expects from her Boyfriend

 Give her some quality time

Women are all about quality time, and it’s important to every girl. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she wants you with her all the time, 24/7, it’s that when you are spending time with her, she wants your attention undivided.

When you spend time with her, make her feel that she is the only one in your mind, that she has all your attention. She wants to feel special, so make sure that she feels special to you. Drop her a little sms just to tell her that she’s on your mind, or even better, make that phonecall to just say, ‘I called because I was missing you’. She will love that!

Show her you care

Your woman expects you to care for her, and caring can come in many forms. Girls are emotional beings, and sometimes it’s the little things that show her that you care. Sometimes, it can be in the things that you say, sometimes it can be in the things that you do, but make sure that you show her that you care for her.

Get her a gift

Getting your girl a gift will always bring a smile to her face. And it does not mean that you have to break the bank in doing so. Whether you take your time to make the gift, or you spend a little money getting it for her, she will love that you were thoughtful enough to get it for her. You can pick up some flowers from the garden, and she will still love that. So, take an opportunity and get her something sweet that shows that you love her.

Express your love for her

The words “I love you” are every girls dream to hear them coming from the man she loves. Women are expressive of their feelings, and she will tell you how she feels about you, without you wondering where you stand with her. You should do the same, and express your love for her. You should tell her how you feel, be a brave man and write her a message, a card . . . something. Make her feel as great as she makes you feel when she opens up her heart and expresses those feelings.

Never forget special dates or events

Women never forget dates that mean something to them, in fact they get quite sentimental about them. Things like birthdays, the first time you met, the official date you started dating, your first kiss and all the little milestones of your relationship. If your memory is bad, make sure you document all these dates and make them special for her.

Give her some eye contact

Yes, she loves it when you look at her with love, and she appreciates it when you acknowledge how good she looks. However, she wants to know that it’s not just about s*x with you, that it’s something deeper than her hot *ss. So, now and again, make sure that your eyes are meeting hers, and they are not just exploring her body.

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 Support her dreams and goals

We all want to be with someone who will take us seriously, and who will take our goals and dreams seriously. When she chooses to share those things with you, it means that she trusts you enough to open up about them. Show her the support, make sure that you listen to her.

Be tender and sensitive when making love

Yea, I am sure you have watched too many movies showing how women love it rough. The truth is, she doesn’t really want you to act like you are on a p*rn set. She is your woman, focus on giving her pleasure and not just on rushing through everything. More than just being physical, show your emotional side as well. She wants to connect with you, not just in a physical way.

Cuddle with her afterwards

Women want to cuddle after a great love making session. You may want to just sleep, but she would love for you to cuddle her, and talk a little afterwards. You can cement that deep connection that you just had, by sparing a little time, to hold her afterwards.


Just doing some of these things that women expect from their man, you can get your woman to feel appreciated and loved. It’s really not that hard, just give her the love that she is giving you and more . . . and watch your relationship improve!

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