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9 Things To Remind Yourself Of Everyday




Awesome Daily Reminders

Life is a hustle, and it is the nature of it that we can get grinded on an discouraged. Here are 10 daily reminders that will help you stay focused and that will keep your spirits lifted up:

1. Treat yourself the best way you know how – the very best way to treat yourself is the way you would want others to treat you, which is the very best. Stop bringing yourself down and attacking yourself. Give yourself credit for those things that you have done well. Be a great friend to yourself and love and accept yourself as you are.

2. The only obstacle that you have to face and overcome is the one that is in your mind – do not let fear and doubt dictate your life or what you get to do. Do not tell yourself that you are not good enough, or that you can’t do something. If there is ever a reason for you to want to quit, or a reason why you cannot continue doing something, then make sure that you have a reason to start all over again.

3. At times, getting to where you want will require you to do what you are afraid of doing – Sometimes, you have to just suck it up, you have to just brace yourself and confront what you fear the most. To get to where you are, you have to go through the challenges, the fears and you do what you have to do no matter what.

4. Find that place inside of you where nothing is impossible – We all have a dream, but for it to be a goal, you have to have some commitment. If you act on it, it will be become part of the something that you want to accomplish, and if you are determined enough, and push for it, it will come true. You can have all that you want, you just have to be willing to commit to it, devote the time that you need to it and take action towards it.

5. You do not have to see the staircase, but you have to take the very first step – that very first step that you need to take is the hardest one of all, and once you take the plunge the others that come after it are much easier. Remember every step that you take takes you closer to where you want to be and where you want to go. In time, what looked impossible and what looked hard, becomes a reality.

6. No matter how long you focus on the past, there is nothing new that you are going to see there – Your failures and mistakes are in the past, it is time to focus on what is ahead. Forgive yourself, get up and dust yourself and focus on what is to come. Take the lessons with you and venture forward, because staying in the past is not going to get you moving forward. Those are merely lessons that will help you navigate your life with success.

7. Do not let life pass you by – strive for the things you dream of and focus on what is to come, however do not forget that you have today. Today is here right now, for you to be present, to enjoy and to triumph over.

8. You can only be you – You are you and the next person is also who they are. Sometimes in life, we try very hard to change the people around us, to be what we think they should be. This exercise will only end up disappointing you and probably hurting them. So, be who you are meant to be, and leave others for what and who they are supposed to be. Embrace yourself for who you are, and let others be who they are meant to be.

9. Sometimes, it is good enough for you to just breathe – In your darkest hour, it is allowed to be hurt, or sad or devastated. And even though you might be not be at your peak, remember that someone else out there is having a worse time than you, and they would give anything to have what you have.

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Photo by: Toni Blay

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