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9 Ways to Instantly Build Self Confidence





Self confidence – it is really what makes a difference between feeling powerful, unstoppable, victorious or feeling scared, feeling like you are not good enough and that you do not have what it takes. How you see yourself is crucial as it will influence on how other people see you. When you are confident in yourself, the chances of success are higher, because you have this believe in yourself that you can do whatever it takes to succeed.

Here is a little help in how you can build self confidence:

How to Build Self Confidence

Dress Sharp – even though your clothes do not make you who you are, they definitely affect how you feel about yourself. When you are dressed nicely and you look good, you feel great, and this can be seen in how you carry yourself and interact with people. So, when you go out there, look good and dazzle everyone you meet.

Walk Faster – Your walk says a lot about how you feel about yourself. People who have self confidence walk faster, why? Because they have things to accomplish, they have places to go and they have important people to see. Walk with energy and with a purpose, and pretty soon you will increase your confidence.

Great Posture – Also, the way in which you carry yourself says a lot about how you are feeling. A person who slumps their shoulders is a person who lacks confidence. It is clear when you look at them that they have no enthusiasm about the things that they are doing and they do not feel important or confident. When you have good posture, it tells a completely different story. So practice good posture, walk tall, stand up straight and keep your head up, and you will feel better about yourself. When you talk to people, talk confidently and look them in the eye, and you will feel more important, and that will be a positive impression that you are making with them.

Listen to motivational speeches – these are great to boost you up and feel better. They will remind you that you are capable of achieving just about anything that you put your mind to, and you will feel empowered to be your best self.

GratitudeBe grateful for all that you have and have been blessed with every single day. Make a list every single day, of the things that you are grateful for, no matter how small they are. Successes that you have had in the past, unique skills that you have acquired and great things that you have managed to do. They all should be part of that list.

Compliment others – When we gossip about people or insult them, most often than not it’s because of that that we feel about ourselves. This is definitely a negative thing, so to move from all that, why don’t you praise others? Refuse to say something bad about someone, talk only positive things. The result is that people will like you, and as you highlight positive things about others, you will be highlighting great things about yourself also.

Sit in the front row – All over the world, in every opportunity that presents itself, a lot of people always want to sit at the back, instead of the front. Because in front, one will get noticed and a lot of people do not like being visible. This screams that someone is not confident, so why don’t you change this around and start sitting in the front. This will build your self confidence!

Speak up – When given a chance to speak, take that opportunity and run with it. Don’t just mumble some words that no one can even hear. Get rid of that fear of making a fool of yourself or saying something stupid. When the opportunity comes, speak up, and it might be nerve wrecking in the beginning but as you speak more and more, you will get better.

Work out – Go to the gym and lose those extra pounds. Looking good and having a great body that is in shape will go along way in how you feel. Being out of shape will make you feel self conscious, unattractive and you will definitely feel insecure. Losing the extra weight that you are carrying will be great, because you will feel confident and the extra energy will do you super good. So, go and hit the gym.

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Use these tips, and you will build your self confident in time.


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