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9 Words To Let Guide Your Life


words-to-live-byPowerful Words to Guide Your Life

Words are extremely powerful, and you can use them to improve your life and go where you need to go. So, lets look at the words that you should have guiding your life:

Positivity – The things that are in your thoughts, the things that have your attention and the things that are around you have a very huge and loud say about who you will ultimately become. Let gratitude be the motto in your life and be thankful for everything that you are blessed with.  There is nothing impossible in this life, if only you could focus on the positive things that you need to be focusing on.

Patience – A lot of people struggle with patience, myself included. Sometimes things happen very slowly, but you must never just throw in the towel, you need to hang in there and believing that it will happen.

Courage – How I wish I had more more of that, but I guess most of us are work in progress. What I know for sure is, for most of us it is impossible to just have everything happen and work out the way we want, so most of us go through failure. Sometimes, because of the disappointments that we have had to face in our lives, we tend to shy away from courageous behaviour. But I am here to tell you, that you need the courage to take that leap in your life. All you need is to be brave even for a second, that will push you to do what you need to do, and you will be just fine.

Love – This is another huge one. Love takes courage, because there is also hurt that can come from you opening yourself up and giving someone love. Again, take that leap and let the best you out there, I promise you some good will come off it.

Truth – Though difficult at times for fear for fear of hurting those close to you or those you love, tell it no matter what.

Appreciation – It’s sad that most of our focus is on the things that we wish we had that we do not have in our lives, when we are able to shift the focus and zoom on those things that we have, and be appreciative of them. Some of the things that you have, others just do not have, so appreciate them.

Responsibility – Take the responsibility for what has happened in your life. Yes, some things you have no control over, but others you were instrumental in why everything is the way it is. Take comfort in knowing that you can improve anything in your life that you want to.

Growth – Growth is the only way to move forward. Most of us do not have pretty pasts, however, the choice is yours whether you are going to allow it to define who you are and let it confine you in a place where you do not want to be. What you should be doing is learning from the experiences in your life, be a better person because of them and put it all behind .

Persistence – Things are not as easy as we would like them to be, so remember that. It is never about falling flat, it is about getting up and keeping at it. It will be difficult before it is easy, so you need to keep pressing on and persist. One day the universe will reward you.

What you do with these words is up to you, but if you want to see real progress in your life, you will take note.

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