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How to Accept Yourself When You Feel Like a Loser



Growing up, I was always that kid who looked boyish. When my peers started blossoming into young beautiful almost young women, when they started caring about make up and learned how to apply lipstick, when they started to really like boys, I felt completely left behind!

I remember not even owning a bra, while some of my peers already had 2 or 3. Back then, I used to like running a lot, and my legs were skinny and hard, which at the time was not something I desired!

So, yea . . . back then life was definitely not easy!

As imperfect as I was, I didn’t really see it at the time, I was quite happy to get left behind and I never ever felt the pressure to fit in or conform to anything.

A lot of people have issues about the way they look, or they have something in themselves or about themselves that gives them the cringes.

We always want to look a certain way and we always want to be accepted by those around us.

And yes, disliking something about ourselves is not the easiest thing to do, it’s not easy having to be reminded about it every single day. But the alternative is worse, and getting to a point where you loathe yourself is not ok!

When I feel down about something that I hate about myself, when I feel fat, totally out of shape, or just feel like life is being totally unfair on me, there are things I remind myself of . . .

1. You Are One of a Kind

You are completely unique, there is no one like you in this whole world. So, what if you are not part of a band? What if you cannot dance to save your life?

That’s ok. Maybe you can sing or cook amazing food. Maybe you are good at organizing. The point is you have talents and gifts that others don’t have. There are things that you can do better than others. So never forget that you are one of a kind.

2. Love What You Got

You were born with what you have. You can take steps to improve on what you were born with, you can sign up for gym,you can make the choice to eat healthy, but at the same time, you cannot change the hardware that you came with.

Stop being so negative, just shut down those thoughts.

Yes, some people will have more money than you, others are smarter, some have better jobs, others seem to have better relationships, better houses, better this, better that. It’s such a waste of time, an epic waste of time, because no matter how much you think about it, you cannot change it.

Rather look at yourself, and the gifts that you have been blessed with. What a waste it would be if you never saw just how special you are or the gifts that you have. Love always starts from the inside, so loove yourself!

3. Write Yourself a Love Letter

Wanna feel loved up, because the negatives are just getting you down? Write yourself a love letter, highlighting all the things that you love about you.

Dear Me,

I love you because you have such a kind heart  You always care about those that are around you, and you always make sure you are there for them everytime they need you .  .  .you have this amazing gift of making everyone you come into contact with smile. I love that when you love, you truly give of yourself.  .  .

Keep writing that letter and cover all that you love about you!

Hating yourself will not accomplish anything, in fact you will feel worse about yourself. And as a result, you will only be more miserable.

Spending time hating yourself can only be a hindrance. It won’t help you grow. It will only make you more miserable.

If you truly want your life to move forward, if you truly want to feel good about you, you need to start appreciating the amazing things about you. Remind yourself daily how amazing you are!

What do you do to feel better, when you feel like you kind of hate yourself? Please let us know below!


*Photo Credit: Ardinnnn :) via Compfight cc


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