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Actress Lib Campbell – ‘Star of Peppa Pig’s Big Splash’


ACTRESS LIB CAMPBELLIt’s funny how you can watch a live show and just sort of forget where you are and not be conscious of your surroundings. Of course, that’s what good theatre is all about, isn’t it? Peppa Pig’s Big Splash was like that. Peppa Pig is one of Nick Jr.’s top shows for kids in the 2 to 5 year old range on TV. It’s also a highly successful live show starring Lib Campbell. Yes, that Lib Campbell, the young Aussie woman with all the charm, talent and acting experience who’s making a big splash here in the states.

Lib studied at the Australian Academy of Dramatic arts and the David Mamet’s Atlantic Theatre School in New York City. She also trained with the legendary Lesly Kahn in Los Angeles, the Actors Comedy Studio, also in L.A. and UCB with Ben Siemen in Hollywood. She has been a TV show host for Dish Network, and the Disney Channel Australia, played the lead in several commercials in Los Angeles, such as Belvita Breakfast Biscuits, Qurb and Purina One. She is also no stranger to the stage. She has played leads in The 39 Steps, Nothing, The Magic Finger and Daisy Pulls it off, among many other productions. Lib is also comfortable on movie sets. She was in The Last Superhero, Day for Night, Ultraman, Eden and  Slaughterhouse Bride. Television and Internet projects have had Lib grace their screens also. The William Winckler production of Free had her featured as the teacher. In Australia, she appeared in among many other programs, The Shak, Deadly Woman and Behind Mansion Walls.

Peppa Pig’s Big Splash, however, is keeping Ms. Campbell pretty busy currently. Her schedule is so packed with putting on the actual show and then traveling from city to city that she has little time for anything else. Fortunately, for her and for us, Lib loves what she does and wouldn’t change it for anything. She does try to catch comedians at the Improv or whatever venue is convenient when she’s not performing. You see, Lib Campbell is obviously a serious actress, but she also loves comedy. She’s one of those very special people who are multi-talented and blessed with the gift of perfect timing and being able to express emotions with the best of them. She is also one of those rare persons who can make you laugh at the drop of a hat. So, be careful when you are in the presence of Lib Campbell – she may catch you off guard and have you howling in laughter when you least expect it.

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