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AKA & DJ Zinhle jet off to Mauritius for some romance


AKA in Mauritius

While most South Africans are back at work and gearing up for 2015, lovers AKA and DJ Zinhle have opted for a romantic vacation.

It seems they wanted to do it secretly . . . but they forgot that people follow them and want to read about them and their relationship. AKA and DJ Zinhle shared some pictures of them in a plane, and shared pictures of plane tickets. They shared these pics separately . . . but all that was needed was to put two and two together.

Instagram and Twitter gave their little secret away! Of course this could be a coincidence . . . but it is too much a coincidence, that’s why we are not buying it.

Check the pics below:

AKA's passport

DJ Zinhle in a plane

AKA in a plane

Image credits: Instagram

Source: the Juice

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