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AKA says goodbye to Twitter!


AKA says goodbye to Twitter

AKA has decided to give Twitter a break, and hand it over to his management and PR team. This could be the result of his latest tweets, which got him into a bit of trouble with his followers, as some thought were insensitive and tasteless.

It all started when AKA tweeted a picture of a lunch consisting of lobster, and asked his followers ‘How is your King Pie?’. People thought that it was just too insensitive, as some people can’t even afford to buy the King pie that he was talking about.

And then of course, some of his comments on the current xenophobia issues didn’t sit well with certain people.

So, he decided to clear all his tweets, and start afresh.

Seems his account will now be used for his career, as in where he is performing, the music he releases and things like that.

Along with clearing all his tweets and leaving a final message to his fans, AKA’s Twitter account is only filled with events as to where you can catch the rapper next…

Check his last tweets:

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