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AKA says iFani went gold in a day because Redds bought 20 000 copies of his album!


AKA accuses iFani of going gold because a Redds bought 20K of his albums

AKA has gone on Twitter, to say that iFani’s latest album I Believes in me (2nd Quadrant) went gold in a day because Redds bought the album, and not the actual fans.

This statement caused quite a stir on Twitter, and brought iFani back into the spotlight, and of course AKA.

The tweet that started it all was this, when AKA suggested that he should just get a brand the remaining 2K copies of his album so he also can go gold.

And of course AKA didn’t stop. He went on and on, until IFani had to respond to what AKA was saying. Redds also responded to AKA’s statements that they actually didn’t buy the album.

Wow . . . things can get nasty very quickly.

On a serious note though, does AKA have a point? Or is he tripping of his album that has been out a while and has not hit gold just yet??

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