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Andile Ncube: My marriage wasn’t horrible

Andile Ncube opens up about his failed marriage to Ayanda Thabethe

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Andile Ncube opens up about his failed marriage to Ayanda Thabethe!

Andile Ncube, who’s marriage to Ayanda Thabethe didn’t last, opened up about his failed marriage on Cliff Central.

Talking to Gareth Cliff recently on Cliff Central, Andile rubbished the reports that his marriage to Ayanda was as a result of him cheating on her.

When the cheating rumours began, Ayanda was the one who defended Andile, and made it clear that he did not cheat on her.

“It was a shock to most people. We had been married for two years. It was what a lot of people thought was ‘amazing, dream marriage this is what I want’. It was what people thought it was Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. It was a shock when out of the blue [we split],” Ncube points out.

Andile further shared in the interview that his marriage was not horrible, and that marriage is something that he is  looking forward to doing, in a couple of years, and with the right person.

Andile has a child with Rosette Mogomotsi, and he touched on the subject of how hard being a parent is.

“My marriage wasn’t horrible. So it’s something I can’t wait to do again, with the right person in a couple of years. The way I had a child was bad, that’s probably why that part of my life I think of a lot before I have another one,” Andile said.

And despite all the reports that he had moved on, Andile says he has been single since the breakdown of his marriage.

“I’ve been single for the longest time in my whole life. I’ve been single for exactly a year and a month. To replace the most beautiful woman [Ayanda] the world has ever seen is a little tough,” Andile told Cliff.

Wow  . . . Andile and Ayanda were truly perfect together, at least from our eyes. And to this day, we still don’t know what split them up. What could have been so big in their marriage that could have caused them to walk away from their vows if it wasn’t cheating?

But then again, why do we care so much! It’s none of our business!!

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