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Asanda Maku on her acting debut on etv’s new sitcom B&B


Asanda Maku opens up about her acting debut

TV personality Asanda Maku, made her acting debut on etv’s new sitcom, B&B, last month to the delight of many South Africans.

Asanda is loving her new role, and is excited to have the opportunity to pursue her love of acting. Though she had to adjust to the vigorous shooting schedule, she says she loved every second of it.

“I’ve always loved acting and wanted to try my hand at it, and landing a role on B&B is my first acting job. At first, I didn’t think that I got the role, but was very excited when I found out that I got the part,” she said.

“I play the character of Beseni, who is perceived to be a gold digger. Playing her was a bit challenging for me because I’m definitely not a gold digger, so she’s a contrast to who I am. But it’s not all about the money for her, and does have a heart at the end of the day, who just wants the best out of life,” she added.

On becoming famous

Being in the limelight comes with challenges, such as being in the public eye and living your life with so many people watching.

While other celebrities tend to be drama queens and divas, Asanda just wants to stay humble, and not be diva-like.

“I always try to stay true to the art instead of letting the fame get to my head. Nothing was handed to me and I always remember that, and I think it’s important to stay humble,” she said.

It’s definitely great to see some fresh faces on our tv screens. When she’s not shooting on B&B, Asanda is mom to her 2 year old daughter.

Source: The Juice

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