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Back to the City puts Hip Hop on the Spotlight


Powerplay 10K Challenge Back To The City

Ok, so Back to The City music festival took place on Freedom Day . . . Newtown. All roads were leading to Mary Fitzergerald Square on Wednesday 27 April, where it all went down.

The weather was great, the vibe was contagious and you could pick up the anticipation of things to  come in the air.

This was my first time to attend Back to The City, so naturally I was super excited, but I couldn’t have imagined just how amazing it would be.

Just imagine, a whopping 25 000 people all united by the love of hip hop . . . it’s unlike anything I have seen before!

There were seasoned emcees that I was excited to see, the likes of Reason HD, Kwesta and HHP . . . but when I heard that there was a platform for the underground guys to showcase their skill and talent, I knew I wanted a piece of that.

PowerPlay #PlayInTheCity was out there supporting the upcoming artists. In fact, it was on the PowerPlay stage that local upcoming artists got a platform to show the crowd what they could do, and boy did they get some love!

#BTTC2016 was LIT and for the guys performing, they knew that it was their moment to get out there to the people.

A lot of great acts performed, but the highlight for me was the battles that were happening on the #PlayInTheCity PowerPlay stage. The sound was insane and the guys killed it!

I specifically enjoyed the dance crews, the upcoming producers and emcees.

Through the PowerPlay 10K Challenge, some unpolished raw talent was uncovered, and a big shout out to PowerPlay, because I am pretty sure some lives were changed forever that day. Some of the winners @Gobi_Beast and @supremeIcrew will surely agree.

I saw these guys perform . . . and it truly was out of this world!

Big ups to PowerPlay for giving unsigned/underground artists a voice . . . we all need that one break to truly breakout #PlayInTheCity #BTTC2016

Check out @Gobi_Beast with his cheque:

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