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9 Things Men Can Do To Be More Attractive To Women


Every single guy wants to know how to get more women, how to make himself more attractive to women and how he can attract all the women that he can handle. Since the beginning of time, this is the one thing that almost every guy wants to know. So . . .


Things Men Can Do To Be More Attractive To Women

Be confident

Women love confident men, I keep saying this over and over again. Women like guys that are confident, that can get things done, that are positive and they do not like men who appear unsure of themselves or who seem weak. Never ever cross the line from confidence to arrogance, because that will make her be repulsed by you.

Be Natural

Be natural, be yourself and don’t pretend to be something that you are not. If you are faking, she will see right through you. Rather be you, so she gets to see the person that you are, and if you are a great guy who’s warm, sweet and genuine, she will like you. 

Be a friend

Women want to know that you do not like them just for the sex. Sure, intimacy is very important, but there has to be something more. A woman wants a guy that she can share her life with, share the life experiences that she meets along the way and someone who will be there to support her.

Have a sense of humour

Women love guys that have a sense of humour, guys that can make her laugh and guys who don’t take themselves too seriously.This is one of the important traits that can land you the girl of your dreams, because if she can have fun when she’s with you, she will love the time that she spends with you.

Be a gentleman

The world is filled with men, but there are few that are gentlemen that can treat a woman the way she deserves to be treated. So, be a true gentlemen, hold the door out for her, pull the chair out for her and listen to her when she talks to you. Being sweet does not mean that you are weak, in fact, it makes you a great guy.

Have a bit of mystery

Mystery is sexy, and women love that. Don’t dish out everything there is to know about you on day one, leave some for later. Let her wonder about you, and tease her so she wants to know more.

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Be clean

You have to care about your appearance and how you look. There is absolutely nothing sexy about being smelly, so bath, dress properly and smell good. Women love guys who smell good and they love guys who dress well. So, don’t ignore how you look, it is important.

Be good at something stereotypically romantic

Just imagine if you are one of those guys that can dance or who can play the guitar well. Women love those kind of guys, because they always get lost in the guy leading them on the dance floor on some romantic setting, or she imagines you serenading her with a love song that you wrote specifically for her. So, women get really impressed by things like that. 

Be passionate about life

Women love guys that are passionate, that have the zeal for life. Guys that are striving for what drives them, guys that want to succeed. They want guys who can appreciate life, and have fun and experience new exciting things.

If you are single, there is a great woman out there, who’s ready to meet a great guy like you. Use these tips to be more attractive to women, and soon you can meet the girl of your dreams. Woo her so you can make her yours.

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