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Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy


exercise-during-pregnancyExercise During Pregnancy

We all know just how important exercise is, but for some reason, women tend to push this aside when they get pregnant. It is even more important for the mom-to-be to exercise, not only for her to benefit, but exercise also benefits the unborn baby. Here are some reasons why every pregnant woman should prioritize exercise:

Exercise Reduces Your Stress Levels

Exercise while pregnant is a great stress reliever. Pregnancy can put stress on the body as well as the well being of the mom-to-be, because of some of the anxiety that comes with it. Also, your body has to care and nourish the unborn baby, as a result the body is doing work than it normally does. Exercise during pregnancy is what can get the body to release the stress, without harming the baby or putting extra strain on the body.

Gives You Extra Energy

Being pregnant can leave you more tired than usual, but that cannot be the reason to not do any exercise. Getting your body to move, is what will essentially give you the energy that you need. Of course, it is important to not over exert the body.


Helps You Manage Your Weight

It is crucial to maintain a good weight while you are pregnant, and exercise while you are pregnant is a sure way to make sure that you do not get too disappointed at the weight gain as you step on the scale throughout your pregnancy. Every single mom wants to have a healthy baby, therefore you cannot be too overweight while pregnant. Exercise will keep your weight at optimum levels for you and your baby.


It Will Help Ease Those Discomforts

Gentle exercise is exactly what is needed during pregnancy to make sure that the mom-to- be is comfortable. Backache, insomnia, varicose veins and other discomforts will have no reason to plague the life a pregnant women.

Pre Eclampsia and Gestational Diabetes

Exercise will make you a hard target for pre eclampsia as well as gestational diabetes. Exercise coupled with a proper nutritious healthy diet as well as adequate rest will get you feeling good, and in good shape for the baby.

Good Preparation For Birth

Giving birth is very physical for a lot of women, so exercising and being fit will come in handy when the time comes to deliver that baby.

Is It Safe To Exercise During Pregnancy?

A lot of women shy away from exercise because they think that they will strain their bodies and the baby to the point where they can lose the baby. That is simply not true, going through a pregnancy with no exercise will affect you and the baby very negatively. For you to deliver the healthiest baby, you need to make sure that your body is functioning optimally.

Just make sure that you let your doctor in on what exercise you are thinking of doing, as he will be able to guide you through it.

What Are The Best Forms Of Exercise While I Am Pregnant?

Your doctor will recommend exercises that are safe and gentle that you can do during your pregnancy. For starters, walking is a great exercise, even if you are caring a baby. If you are just starting out, you have to start really slowly, so that you do not strain the body in any way, and your doctor will be able to recommend exercises that you can start with, and how long you are supposed to do them in.

Other exercises that are gentle include mild yoga, mild dancing and swimming. All exercises that are hard and hectic are NOT recommended. Make sure that your gynecologist signs off on anything that you are planning to do.


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