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Benjamin Graham aka “Bigmouthben”: An Inspiring Story



Benjamin Graham was born in Hamlet, North Carolina, May of 1968.   Raised in a Holiness Church and raise by his grandmother Ben developed spiritual principles that would later prove helpful in his life.  At the age of 6 He learn of entrepreneurship when he observed a gentleman turning in empty coke bottles.

He went and loaded his red wagon with bottles and made his first earning, $2 dollars.  Along with the good came evil.  At the age of 6, Ben was molested by a stranger as he searched for bottles in the woods.  He kept this a secret for years until it was necessary to heal.

strung_out_4Ben came up like the average kids.  He went to school and off to college.  His mistakes came later in life after college when he ventured off into the world of drugs in the early 90’s.  Falling prey to the streets, Ben ended up strung out on drugs.  Unable to keep a permanent job, Ben worked at the day labors.  His favorite task riding on the back of the garbage trucks ended when the driver of the truck backed into a dump truck crushing the pelvis of Ben.  Ben’s injury landed him in a wheelchair.

His determination would not allow him to accept defeat as he worked to recover.  After surgery and a year of healing, Ben was able to walk again.  He took that same wheelchair and turned it into a snack cart walking 20 plus miles a day to sell bottled water and snacks.  He later designed a bicycle to get around faster.  Although Ben had many profitable ideas, addiction would be the monster to defeat him.  Addiction took Ben to his bottom, sleeping under a bridge on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, GA.  Ben had enough.

He prayed and searched deeply for the strength to live a normal life again.  Through determination and hard work, Ben not only overcame his addiction and mental illness, but now owns a convenience store along with his lovely wife on the same street he slept on as a homeless man.  Ben is known all over the world as a true overcomer. For more info contact Ben Graham 404-951-1062.

Bigmouthben is truly inspiring the streets with his newest single, “Act Like It” Bigmouthben used to sleep under a bridge strung out on drugs. Today he owns a convenience store next to that same bridge. He is rapidly building his career as a motivational entertainer as he sets out to uplift as many people as allowed.

Enjoy his latest video Act Like It. “If you really want success, you better Act Like It.”-Bigmoupthben

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