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The Best Moments That Made 2016 #MomentsThatMade2016


I was just going on about my business when I saw #MomentsThatMade2016 trending on Twitter. 

I just couldn’t resist this hashtag, because as much as 2016 came with a lot of challenges, it was also a dope year. As the year draws to a close, most of us tend to look back at the year, the things we went through, the challenges we overcame, our triumphs and those situations that reduced us into tears.

But, no need to get heavy just yet. Twitter looks on the lighter side of life, and singles out some of the best moments that we loved, that made us laugh. From AKA squashing beef with Cassper, to the Doom prophet to the gwara gwara dance and more . . . check it out for some chuckles.

Here are the #MomentsThatMade2016:

The truth is, there soo many great moments that made 2016 dope . . . head on over to Twitter and check them out.

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