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Bokang Montjane opens up about her baby boy and motherhood!



Bokang Montjane and Siphiwe Tshabalala welcomed their baby son earlier this year . . . and they have both made it very obvious what a great blessing he is.

Bokang spoke to Drum magazine, about motherhood.

Bokang, and her soccer star boyfriend, have kept their relationship under wraps for a very long time . . . and of course when Bokang fell pregnant, they kept that part of their lives private also.

Most people learnt that she was pregnant when Siphiwe decided to share pics of a heavily pregnant on his Instagram. And by then, their son Owethu was already born.

Bokang says that their baby didn’t come as a surprise, as he was planned.

“It’s like my heart has been ripped out of my body and placed right in front of me. It’s a beautiful feeling, because when I look at him, I think ‘Oh my goodness, this is all me.’ My blood is running through his veins. It’s a humbling feeling,” she told Drum.

About Siphiwe and the the kind of daddy he is, she says, “He is a hands-on father. He makes me happy because he’s a great father,” she added.

There are rumours that the couple are actually engaged? But of course, they wouldn’t confirm anything, because of the way they want to still keep things private.

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