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Bonang Matheba launches her cellphone app


Media darling Bonang Matheba is pretty much slaying in 2017, just like she has done in the past. Just the past couple of months have seen her release her book, have her own reality show, release her emoji’s and now, she has just announced her app Bonang By Cell C.

The app was just launched recently, and of course Twitter had to weigh in on it. On launching the app, Twitter users learned that it would be “free for the first week,” and there after it is R60 per month.

Her fans were pretty excited by her new app, but then of course there will be those that are less than excited. Some even made the comments about how she is trying so hard to be like Kim Kardashian, basing it on the fact that Kim also has an app, a reality show and emojis.

The app is supposed to give fans access to information that the general public probably wouldn’t know about her, and subscribers will get exclusive content about her, such the places she likes to eat at, where she likes to shop, exclusive photos and videos as well as some tips.

The app costs R60 per month for non-Cell C customers. Take a look at the costs break down for the app below:

While there was an air of excitement about the app, Twitter users didn’t seem impressed by the costs associated with the app. It didn’t help that fans had to pay for the emojis and that her show is on Vuzu Amp, which requires a premium DSTV account.

It’s a pity some of those who truly love her will not be able to have to the app, because of the costs associated with it.

So of course, black Twitter had to share their thoughts. See below:

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