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Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies at 74


Boxing legend Muhammad Ali – one of the world’s greatest sporting figures – has died at the age of 74.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies at 74

Pic: BBC.com

It won’t be wrong if I say, “Boxing is an empty shell without Muhammad Ali”, and such is the greatness and respect. The boxing legend dies at the age of 74.

Over the years, Muhammad Ali has inspired hundreds and thousands of boxers. They all looked up to him as their master and what the Japanese would call “Sensei,” the ultimate guide and teacher.

Muhammad Ali was born on January 17th, 1942 to a Christian family; his birth name was Cassius Marcellus Clay. He then embraced Islam and told the world that his former name was his slave-name. Besides being the greatest boxers of all-time, he was also a great humanitarian.

Every boxer today you see boxing has looked up to him. They try and copy his style and how he played the game with such precision.

His famous remark, “float like a-butterfly and sting like a bee” was his style of defeating his rivals in the ring.

The greatness of a boxer is not known with the number of championships he has won but by the remarks made by the opponents in the ring. It is a fact that Muhammad Ali has won several heavyweight boxing championships which are more than enough to give him the title of the greatest boxer ever born. But the actual greatness comes with the complimentary remarks made by his opponents. George Foreman, who was a rival and got beaten-by Ali in 1974 said,

“Like a total-eclipse. You aren’t going to see any thing like that-again. Boxing does not do enough to-define what he was.”

Most people around the world know him from his boxing, what people do not know is that he was a great man, loved not-only by his family but everyone across the world.

Many people might only recall Muhammad Ali as a boxing legend; it would be wrong to call him “just a boxing legend,” he was the-greatest sportsman the world has ever seen.

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