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Caster Semenya makes South African athletics history


Caster Semenya makes history in South African athletics Nationals

Caster Semenya makes South African athletics history

Pic: Reuters

On 16 April 2016, Caster Semenya made South African athletics history in Senior Athletic Championship held at Coetzenburg Stadium. She became the first person, to scoop wins in 400m, 800m, and 1500m in a single day. She set the world leading time in 2016 by marks of 50.74 and 1:58.45 in 400m and 800m respectively.

She is just Wow.

When there was so much controversy about her gender, one would have thought that was the end of her shining star: But Semenya has proven that we have seen nothing yet, and her star isn’t done shining.

Caster Semenya represents a powerhouse resilience, determination and hard work in the history of Athletics. Even when the world was against her, and only we South Africans and her fans were with her, she did not succumb to the fears and the yoke, but she rose above critics.

Semenya has made history not only in South Africa but the world. When I look at Semenya, I see the pride of South Africa and she never disappoints or does she? At home and abroad, the pride of South Africa keeps on shining brighter and brighter.

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