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Caster Semenya Runs 1:55 World Lead at Monaco Diamond League


Caster Semenya runs record 800m at Monaco Diamond League

Caster Semenya Runs 1-55 World Lead at Monaco Diamond League

Pic: Image of Sport

Caster Semenya is the 800 meters World Lead at Monaco Diamond League. Caster achieved a personal best of 1:55.33, flying the Mzansi flag super high.  This only increases her professional aspiration of tackling a 400m/800m double in Rio, just in time for the Olympic Games in August.

Semenya’s time of 1:55.33 is considered as a new meet record, which is a South African record. It is also a world lead by almost a complete second. This performance is an improvement over her personal best of 1:55.45 and that’s definitely a reason to celebrate this wonderful athlete.

When she was just 19 years old she proposed to win the 2009 World Championship in the city of Berlin. This is good news since in the recent past, Ludlow finished fourth in the trials just last week. So the news that Caster Semenya did 1:55 World Lead at Monaco Diamond League is good news for the athlete and for the sport in general.

Well done Caster, Mzansi is behind you all the way!

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