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A Look into the World of Filmmaker Charles Ancelle


Charles Ancelle

Charles Ancelle, the French producer, is a very active filmmaker. He always has his fingers in more than one pie at a time and like some other well-established movie producers he is very much a multi-tasker. He has a hit web series running on the Internet as we speak and he is in pre-production on several features also.

On one of his many films, John Bondage, Charles wore several creative hats, writer, director and producer. That’s doesn’t seem odd for a guy who is so creative and has so much energy. He is always doing something and always readying a new project that will have his distinctive touch to it. His producing partner started her own production company called ASCA and it is one of the busiest movie companies in Hollywood. If it’s not producing a raved about web series (which it is), then it is working on a budget and a shooting schedule for a movie that it will produce.

When Charles acts as the producer on a film, he oversees the whole process of a movie, TV or web series, music video or short film from the beginning to the completion of the project. That means that he many times will have developed the story or script with the writer, or write it himself, hire the crew, which includes the camera and sound team, director and actors, unless he directs it himself, and he will manage all the finances that go into making a film. One of his concerns as a producer is to make sure that the film stays within the arranged budget and is shot within a pre-planned schedule.

When Charles produced the feature-length film Waves he had a lot to do. He had to shepherd the film all the way from pre-production and actual shooting to making sure the cast and crew were happy, well fed and had comfortable places to live while they were in the Philippines. He then had to solve any problems that came up unexpectedly on the set and make sure the film was edited properly and the rights to the music were paid for. Once all those things were taken care of, along with a million other little things, then the film could be released into theatres. Being a producer is a big job.

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