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Meet Christian Keen


Christian KeenChristian Keen is an independent photojournalist who enjoys photographing, weddings, new born babies, graduation pictures and veterans who are suffering from hyper vigilance and or PTSD.

Christian himself is handicapped from injuries sustained while serving as a Police Officer as well as his time serving in Iraq.

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Most recently Christian was attacked and robbed in late October 2015 by an undocumented Mma trained individual. Despite having injuries that require surgery, Christian continues to help those in need and utilizes his photography to document the struggles many people go through.

Currently Christian lives with his wife and two children and their two cats and dogs in Indianapolis Indiana.

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  • Johny Campel says:

    Looken good buddy! Hope they heal your right shoulder soon! Hang in there man.

    Awesome photos by the way!

  • Charles Way III says:

    Your photography is an inspiration to me Brother.

    I’m proud to know you and hopefully I can that money I owe you back soon

  • Victor Waysman says:

    Awesome photographer.

  • Mike Castaway says:

    Your energy flows through my eyes like a sunbeam of freshness when I gaze upon what you create.

    It’s as if I’ve done it myself.

    Mike “trailer nomad” Castaway

    Hydrate or die
    Go fund me or die
    Till our paths meet again my Brother.

  • Jeffrey Woodsman says:

    I loved the group shots you got of me and the boys down under at the range.

    You really know how to make that machine the clicks into something special.

    Great work on making us not look fat like people who eat donuts all day.

    Get a hold of me when you can take some shots of me and Vinnie shooting ar-15’s with out T-Rex out fits on.

    Awesome work.

    J.T. Morningwood
    Impd range master

  • Southern girl with a southern attitude says:

    Christian thank you so much for help with your recent shoot of Chucks reduction surgery.

    All your years of motivation of coaching him in the gym really has helped. How you managed to take the shots you did along the way, I’ll never know.

    I know your in pain from your injuries from last October. Hang in there.

    And thanks again for documenting everything up to and including the surgery.

    I know that wide angle lense you had to buy for it wasn’t cheap.

    Thanks for all that you do.

    You’re the best.

    June Bug

  • Ben says:

    Wow look at you! Me. Big time now!

    I sent you a private message a while back about my wedding later this fall. I hope you aren’t booked.

    Get a hold of me when you are done with your surgery stuff Brohem.

    Benjamin Dover
    United States Marine Corps
    0311 nothing but.

  • Jarrod solo Harrod says:

    Mr. Keen I met you at Comic con last year in Indianapolis. I doubt you remember, but you took a picture of me because you said I had by far the worst outfit on of anyone there.

    My girlfriend, now wife Melanie, asked for me to try and get a hold of you because she thinks your funny.

    We were hoping to do a Jedi themed photo shoot.

    My email is hansolodidntshootfirstandgetskilledbyhisson187style@yahoo.com

    We were wanting to do a Star Wars themed shoot that basically is “I’m a Jedi in the streets and a Sith in the sheets.”

    I would need you to shoot RAW so we could blow the best one up to banner size if that is possible.

    Please email me you’re availability and pricing.

  • Big Mike from the Region says:

    Thank you for taking those portrait pictures of my girlfriend and I last December. I’ll never forget seeing someone in so much physical pain work through it to make his clients happy.

    Christy and I love the one of us holding each other. We have it framed in our walkway.

    Thank you so much my friend.

    Big Mike from up North

  • Drew from Shadow Construction says:

    Christian did some pictures Of my construction jobs for my website.

    Christian more than pleased me, and his pictures where great too.


  • Larry Likens says:

    Mr. Keen was hired to take picture of a few building for our website. He spent of the time there rearranging the rooms so they would look right. They did. His attention to detail is remarkable.

    Great job

  • Jerry Irish says:

    Awesome corporate profile shots my man!


  • Rachael Peachtree says:

    Photographer Christian Keen photographed my entire wedding in black and white per our request.

    Tears of joy. All I can say, amazing.

    Rachael Peachtree

  • James Wampler says:

    Highly recommended.

  • Terry Smith says:

    Love the Pictures you recreated of my Navy Seal days! Thank You!!

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