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How to Date a Girl who Shows Little Affection


women who show lttle affection in relationshipsIf you are dating a girl who seems shy to show affection, it might be a bit frustrating. It can get tiring being the one who always has to kiss her first, hold her first and initiate all the other things that require contact, and if these things are bothering you, then you need to address them soon. Just make sure that when you do, you do it in a loving manner.

Tell Her How You Feel

Your girlfriend is not a mind reader, therefore you cannot possibly make the assumption that she must know how you feel or how much of a frustration it is for you.

You will need to tell her how you feel, how it’s affecting the relationship and possibly your feelings towards her.

Being in a relationship where your woman is not affectionate, especially if you are, can be very stressful. You may have to deal with issues where you think maybe she just does not want to be intimate with you. Maybe you feel rejected or unattractive. Whatever negative feelings you may have, the best thing is to talk to her about it, so she knows. Set a time aside to have this talk.

Once you share your feelings, find out why she is not affectionate. Maybe she is shy, maybe she just doesn’t know how to be affectionate, or maybe she is still trying to figure out the relationship and getting used to you.

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Once you understand better why she is a bit distant, together, you need to find ways to get to a place where you are comfortable and try to find solutions for the issues that you have.

Be You Always

Be yourself, open yourself up to her and be vulnerable to the situation and to the moment.

You are the affectionate one in the relationship, if it feels natural to hold her hands and if you want to, then you should do that.

Sometimes, you may find you are trying to be more like her and retreat from her, but it’s always best to always be you, so she can see how much you enjoy giving the affection and receiving it.

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Make the Tough Decision

Not all relationships work out. Sometimes, even talking about problems or trying to come out with solutions does not always work out. Your girlfriend can try and be that person that you want, but there’s never a guarantee that things will work out.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you might have to walk away from a relationship, in order to find someone who is better suited to you. it’s not always the easy decision to make, but in the long run it will save you both a lot of tears.

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