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Dineo Ranaka Fights with Linx Pose over Money


dineo ranakaDineo Ranaka is accused of not paying her friend Abram Mophokane aka Linx Pose, who has been working with her on LuvDR.

Dineo and Linx are said to be fighting about money, because Linx says that she has not paid him the money that’s due to him. Things seem to be turning really ugly for these two, as Linx now calls her “evil” and a “user”.

Linx reportedly told Sunday World, that he had difficulties burying his mother, because Dineo owed him money that she refuses to pay. His mother funeral was in August this year.

When Dineo was asked the matter, she refused to comment about it. Her response was: “I have nothing to say about Linx. Whatever he has said to you print it. I know why he came to you and I’m not going to entertain it,” she said before hanging up.

Linx has been working with Dineo on her fashion line, and we have seen him be on her show, designing and helping her set up her business. They seemed to be really tight on the Dineo Ranaka show. Linx says that the money that is owed to him is for the work that he has done for Dineo, as well as the fact that he was in the show, for both season 1 and 2.

Things seem to be really bad between the two, that they cannot seem to settle the matter. Linx has escalated the matter, by lodging a claim with the small court claims. The issue seems to have been going on for a while now, with issues stemming from 3 months ago.

Linx has even gone on and spoke about how he was there for Dineo, how he took care of her when she got sick earlier this year and how he even neglected his own family, especially his mom.

“I’m not the first designer to walk out on her. I never thought she would do the same thing to me. It’s not about the money but the way she treats people. She didn’t even come to my mom’s funeral.”

Ya ne . . . it seems to be a serious mess, wish they could have just sorted things out without turning it into a legal matter. It’s a shame, because it looked like a match made in heaven (almost), but on a serious note, they seemed to be getting well together.

It’s kinda of sad that they are fighting over something so small . . . they should be celebrating the fact they they have created something so amazing, coz LuvDR rocks!

Article credit: sundayworld.co.za

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