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Dineo Ranaka returns for a 5th season of Dineo’s Diary on VUZU AMP


Dineo Ranaka returns for a 5th season of Dineo's Diary on VUZU AMP

Dineo Ranaka is returning for season 5 of her reality show Dineo’s Diary!

We have seen Dineo Ranaka raw and tell her story in truth with no apologies, and now she is to return for Season 5 of her popular show, Dineo’s diary.

She is unapologetic, she tells like it is and she can be quite dramatic, and that’s probably part of the reason why fans love her show and can identify with it. It is a truly real South African story of someone in the public eye, who couldn’t give hoots about what people think.

She let her fans into her private space, and that of her family, and did a great job in the process.

This upcoming season 5, fans are going to see a more ‘centered’ Dineo

“I am no longer confused, I am content with the woman I have become, flaws and all,” says Dineo. Through the seasons, we have seen her evolve, as she goes for her dreams, which is a beautiful thing to see.

Dineo’s Diary will be on Vuzu Amp, channel 114, on April 11.

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