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DJ Black Coffee opens up to CNN about his music and his arm

DJ Black Coffee opens up to CNN

Pic: Instagram

DJ Black Coffee was recently profiled on CNN’s acclaimed “African Voices”, and he speaks candidly about his journey through music and being a dj.

He also opens up about his left arm, that was left paralyzed after a tragic accident, which happened when he was younger.

“I grew up with this thing you know and kids can be so mean. I’ve been called so many names as a kid you know. People ask me: ‘What are you working on?’ Silently, I know this [points to his left arm] is what I’m working on. I’m training it and I’m trying to bring back life in it.” Black Coffee shares.

“I don’t think I would be here if it didn’t happen because I then started really knowing that I don’t have as many options as other people. Like what is my talent? Like let me know. Let me research. Let me work on it. Let me be the best at it,” he added.

He also speaks about music, and his passion for his work is just so obvious. As a dj who’s name is known all over the world, who has dj’d in places that most people can only dream about, he is definitely one of the very few people that are living his dream.

He shared his story about how he had dreams about making it, and working so hard to the point where he achieved his dreams. He shared how if he could, he would make South Africans realise that anything is possible.

“In South Africa alone musically, we are so rich, each culture has their own way of approaching a song and music and the language. People my age, we were raised by people who didn’t see much in themselves, and we don’t see much in ourselves as well. And if I could change anything about this country is that, you know, let people would know that anything is possible.”

Watch the video clip, below and get inspired :

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