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DJ Black Coffee Receives Backlash from Twitter for Performing in Israel


DJ Black Coffee has had to defend himself after posting a tweet about a sold out concert in Tel Aviv . . . termed Israel’s apartheid state.

He posted a video of his sold-out show in Tel-Aviv on Twitter, and Twitter was quick  to point out that he “Sold out” by performing there. Some people were even saying just how insensitive he is being by performing in a place that is killing innocent Palestinians and children, and he received some serious bashing from Twitter.

The debate was pretty heated, as many felt he should have passed on that gig, while others felt he did right for his career and his family.

DJ Black Coffee then tweeted a response to all the negative comments that he was getting, by tweeting:

“Like everyone else I have rights and free will,” he wrote. “and no Black Coffee is not a political party…I work as an entertainer to feed my Family. To sum it up….I’ll take a bullet for my Family.”

Twitter was just not impressed, take a look at some of the comments:

Well . . . not everyone was upset with Black Coffee, with others choosing to understand his hustle and that he is indeed providing for his family.

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