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DJ Bongz to Teach the US how to do the Gwara Gwara


DJ Bongz to Teach the US how to do the Gwara Gwara

DJ Bongz has been in the industry for a long time . . . and now his work is going international. He is the innovator behind the gwara gwara . . . a dance that is literally taking the world by storm.

The gwara gwara was pretty popular in South Africa, but when mega star Rihanna performed it recently at the Grammy Awards, the world took notice. And now, DJ Bongs is off to the US, to teach Americans how to do it.

Dj Bongs spoke to Tshisalive and had this to say about it: “I created the dance from scratch and it feels so special to have it shown on an international stage like the Grammys. It shows that Africa can make a big impact on international dance.

I am going to tour America a few times between now and June and I was asked to come hold a workshop and teach people the gwara gwara. After the Rihanna performance I got a lot of calls and I am excited by the opportunity,” he added.

This is great news indeed . . . he will be adding to the guys that are already putting SA on the map internationally, and that’s just awesome.

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