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DJ Euphonik Net Worth


DJ Euphonik Net  Worth 2016

DJ Euphonik Net  Worth

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DJ Euphonik Net Worth is $1 million!

DJ Euphonik real name Themba Nkosi is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most successful DJ’s. Not only does he land the best gigs, he is also into property and he has a few hit songs under his belt.

Euphonik has been in the industry for a long time, and his star has continued to shine over the years, making him one of the very best out there.

Early on in his career, he got into a partnership with DJ Fresh, who is a beast in the industry, and since then, their brand F.Eu is one of the most bankable in the industry. Their partnership has grown massively over the years, making them some serious dough.

While Euphonik started out as a DJ, and everything else that came was because of the platform and the opportunities that came from his djing, he says that he never really planned being on radio.

While his success as a DJ is undeniable, radio gave him an even greater platform to connect with a bigger audience.

“I hate working under red tape and 5FM has allowed me to take my knowledge and put it into radio and it’s amazing. All my music, all my topics and content on my show – I’m just myself. I speak the same way and have the same personality and more importantly I have great artistic freedom. I can go out and share music with millions of people. I consider myself very fortunate to be on 5FM. From a creative, management, work ethic and work environment perspective, 5FM is one of the best places to be.”

DJ Euphonic is definitely at the top of his game, as a DJ, as a businessman and as an artist. The music he creates definitely resonates with the people, and that would explain why his albums have done platinum.

DJ Euphonic net worth is estimated at a whopping $1 million . . . and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually more than that.

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He is a great businessman also, who is able to seize great opportunities and capitalise on them. While his not mixing beats in the studio or doing one of his gigs or entertaining millions at 5FM, he is looking for opportunities to take advantage of in real estate.

With his foot in student accommodation and the many business ventures that he is involved in, he has the business acumen, the skills and the hunger to grow the DJ Euphonik net worth and the brand to even greater heights!

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