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DJ Fresh Net Worth 2016


DJ Fresh Net Worth 2016 – $2 MILLION

DJ Fresh Net Worth

DJ Fresh Net Worth is estimated at a whopping $2 million!

Thato Sikwane, aka DJ Fresh, is the real deal when it comes to radio and music! He has been in radio since the early nineties . . . when he started out in Botswana.

Fresh dropped out of school, where he was pursuing law, against his parents counsel to follow his passion full time. He joined YFM in 1997, and was instrumental in building that station from the ground up.

By 2003, he was the main guy in YFM,and in 2006, he moved to 5FM, where he has been since. His show to this day is still one of the most popular shows . . . and he continues to change the game in radio.

Not only is he one of Mzansi’s most loved DJ’s, he has released music over the years that has changed the face of music in South Africa and beyond. He continues to dominate the music scene, and he has played in Johannesburg, London, Dubai,Melbourne, Brisbane, Moscow and many more places in the world. He has also shared the stage with the best DJ’s in the world, including the likes of  Jazzy Jeff,  Fat Boy Slim, “Little Louie” Vega, deep and many more.

Not only is he a DJ and artist who’s music serenades and entertains, he is also a businessman, getting involved in projects that continue to increase the DJ Fresh net worth.

Some of these business ventures include him running Big Dawg Productions, F.EU a partnership which he has with DJ Euphonik and many others. Just recently, he partnered with BUDDS for bluetooth earphones.

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DJ Fresh has clearly mastered the success thing, and even with what he has achieved, he still wants to achieve much more.

“I feel I still have a way to go – if I could use the analogy of a truck with ten gears I’d only be in sixth gear now. I’m still building the foundations of my career – so much can still be done. That’s why I accepted a job at 5FM over Metro – I knew it would be a challenge and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I like to push myself, the boundaries, and peoples perceptions of the boundaries. I also hate loose ends which mean I probably will finish my Law degree one day.”

He clearly loves his 5FM family, and has the most fond things to say about them.

“The most dynamic team I have ever worked with – they are a bunch of highly motivated people and it rubs off. 5FM has extremely high standards and benchmarks which inspire me to be even more inspired, if you understand what I mean.”

What a lot of people don’t know about DJ fresh is that he loves movies, and he has a sick collection of them, that most of us can only dream of. He also collects watches, shades and cologne.

Catch him at #Freshat5 . . . and listen to one of the pioneers in radio!

Disclaimer: DJ Fresh net worth is just an estimation.We don’t guarantee accuracy!


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