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DJ Sbu may have to pay for Mofaya advertising at Metro FM


DJ Sbu to pay for advertising Mofaya using Metro fm platformMetro FM may get DJ Sbu to pay for advertising his energy drink at the Metro FM awards, as well as on his show.

It seems advertising his drink at the Metro FM awards that drew a lot of attention and interest, and it got the Metro FM bosses to wonder exactly how much advertising DJ Sbu, real name Sibusiso Leope was getting for his drink on their platform.

He was suspended shortly after the Metro’s  . . . and apparently there is an audit that is being conducted by Metro FM.

“They pulled out all the tapes of the shows he had done for review to tally every mention he’d made of his energy drink. And since they consider it to be advertising, it must be paid for.” a source told Sunday World.

Another source confirmed that an audit was being conducted, and that the station was planning on issuing the DJ with the bill for the advertising costs.

Speaking to Sunday World, DJ Sbu said that he had no issues about paying the money, and that he would pay it, as long as everyone, including other DJ’s, who has used the platform is also expected to pay the money.

“But I will pay the money if the same audits are done across the board because all the DJs mention brands during their shows,” the DJ told the publication.

“I respect the SABC and its processes. I’m prepared to pay the money, but I think it should be done to other DJs as well because I’m not the only one who mentions their brands on air.” the DJ added.

He has since apologised for his actions.

On more positive news, DJ Sbu has been mentioned on the Forbes list, for the same energy drink that seems to be causing so much trouble for him.

The drink is being recognised for being made in Africa, by Africans and for Africans, which is a huge achievement!

Congrats DJ Sbu, for being a pioneer and for the great work that you do.

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