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How DJ Zinhle met her Mr Bond, Brendon Naidoo


DJ Zinhle opens up about her new man, Brendon Naidoo


Pic: Instagram

DJ Zinhle is in love and she has been for a while. And for the first time, she opens up about her new man Brendon Naidoo and how they actually met.

On an interview on Real Talk With Anele, DJ Zinhle reveals that she was smitten with Brendon the very first time that she met him.

The first time that they met was during a business meeting that she was having with Brendon’s cousin.

“I checked him out a little bit, but he wasn’t interested, and then I was like ‘argh my laptop battery is giving me a problem’. And he was like ‘I know a place where I can fix that’. Then I was like, ‘Do you want me to come with you’, which I was hoping he would say yes,” Zinhle says.

She continued: “We came back and I needed an email set up, he got it sorted for me… He sorted it, got me food, the battery, the email set up, the whole thing.”

But nothing much came out of the meeting, but Brendon had Zinhle’s contact details, and a month after their meeting, Brendon reached out to her.

“I couldn’t say anything because I am girl. Time went by and a month later he sent me an SMS saying “Hey, beautiful. Just checking on you. Are you good?” But even then, I didn’t get excited because I know him to be a nice guy who is not trying to get with anyone.”

They made plans for lunch and Zinhle thought it was going to be her, him and the cousin, only to learn that the lunch was just for the two of them.  The rest as they say is history!

“Since then I have basically seen him every day whenever I can … I really am genuinely happy and I think people can see that. He is a dream”

Wow, we are soo happy for DJ Zinhle . . . she’s glowing nje!


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