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DJ Zinhle shares how she lost weight after giving birth


DJ Zinhle shares how she lost weight after giving birth

As you know, DJ Zinhle had baby Kairo just six months ago, which is unbelievable if you look at how toned and hot she looks.

Most women struggle to shed the baby fat after child birth, but Zinhle has managed to shed it off, and get her super sexy abs back.

If you have been inspired by her sexy bod like her fans and are wondering how she managed to pull it off, well you are in luck, because she has shared how she manages to look as hot as she does.

One important factor that she has shared is that, there are no shortcuts. It’s all about hard work and consistency.

Just recently, she shared a pic of herself on Instagram, where she is showing off her abs. A lot of fans were inspired, and asked questions about how they too could have a body as great as hers, and this prompted her to share her fitness secrets.

“I need to be honest with you, there is no shortcut. There is no easy road. Anything worth having won’t come easy. The truth is, there is no secret,”

DJ Zinhle shares how she lost weight after giving birth 1Here’s how Zinhle lost weight after giving birth:

  •  Have a goal in mind, and a plan on how to achieve it: “How much weight do you want to lose? Write that down, weigh yourself right now and start your journey. I would suggest you keep a journal.”
  • Hit the gym consistently: “I rise early, by 5 am I am at gym. I start my day with an hour workout.”
  • Abs and a toned body are made in the kitchen: “Exercise is great and bears results but if you are not eating right, you will not see the results. Your exercise program needs to be accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet if you want to see the results and lose weight. Exercise alone is not going to get you far.”

And on those days when she’s not particularly excited about waking up for gym?  DJ Zinhle says she listens to positive messages and they help her get through it.

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