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Dont Quit Until You Give Your Very Best


Have you ever felt like giving up, have you fell down so many times, to the point where you felt that you will never get a break?

I have something to share with you – if you have never failed, you have never lived. Life is filled with failure, but if you look around the people who have “made it”, if you look around and see those that are successful, they too have failed. Not once, not twice, but a lot of times.

The people who fall and get back up are the ones that become successful. We all fall, but what will make the difference in your life is the moment that you decide to get back up. I am here to tell you today, do not quit until you give your very best!

Most people hardly give their best, and they quit as soon as things get a little hard. What I have learned in my 36 years is that things that you do not sweat for, anything that does not get you to stretch yourself beyond what you thought you could, things that are too easy to get are just not  worth having.

For one, they hardly last, and you never get the feeling of pride that you are supposed to have when you accomplish something worthwhile.

Here is something you do not know about me:

  • I have failed more times than I can count
  • I have failed at every business I ever tried
  • I have failed at all the jobs that  ever had
  • I have failed at all the relationships that I have ever had
  • I have failed at being a great sister, a great friend and at being a great lover

These are just some of the failures that I have had in my life, and there are still plenty more. I am not telling you this so you can feel sorry for me, or because I am feeling sorry for myself.

On the contrary, every failure that I have had teaches me more about myself. I have learned that quitting just takes you further away from your dreams and your goals, further away from where you want to go. 

Most people look a failure as this horrible thing, and yes I agree that failing can be discouraging. But we fail to see it for what it is.

Failure is a stepping stone to your success. It takes you one step closer to being where you want to be, and it teaches you the lessons that you need.

Failing at something does not mean that you have failed, you only fail if you decide to stay down after falling. When you decide not to get up, that is the choice that you make of failing.

Don’t QUIT until you give your very best! That should be the promise that you should give to yourself. 

When last did you do something with everything that is inside of you? When last did you give your all?

If you were to quit, how sure are you that you will not regret it tomorrow?

Love yourself enough NOT to quit.

Keep going, don’t give up! NEVER EVER GIVE UP! You owe it to yourself to keep going.

My failures do not define me. I am going to keep going, I am going to keep pressing on and I will get to where I want to be!

What about you? Are you going to stay down or are you going to get up and dust yourself off? It’s your choice!

Make a choice that your future self will thank you for!

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