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The Downfalls of NOT Having Car Insurance


full-coverage-car-insuranceI was once in a very unfortunate situation, where I gave someone my car to drive, and they got involved in an accident.

Truth be told, it was a terrible situation, because I didn’t even have car insurance, and the car was seriously damaged. It was worse because the car was a BMW, and repairing a car like that with the parts being so expensive is no easy feat, and I was unemployed at the time it happened.

That’s why I will never encourage anyone to have a car but to not have car insurance for it.

A lot of people complain about the cost of insurance, but when I found myself having to deal with that  misfortune, I finally understood why it’s better to pay that premium month after after month, with clenched teeth if you have to, but making sure that you have a good insurance that can take care of things if an accident were to occur.

Sure money is tight, but it’s even tighter when you have to dip into your own pocket to pay for car repairs.

A lot of people drive cars that are still owned by the bank, where they are still paying a car installment.

Just imagine a situation where you get into an accident and the car is a right off? Without insurance, you will have to continue paying for an installment for a car that you are not even driving, just because the bank will want their money. It will go from bad to worse for you, because not only won’t you have the car, you won’t even afford to get another one!

Car insurance does not come cheap, especially for cars that are costly. So make sure that you buy a car that you can afford, that you also can afford to insure.

There are a lot of companies in South Africa that are offering car insurance. For this reason, competition is stiff for them, which is good news for you.

You need to ship around for a good car insurance, and shipping around means comparing prices. Ask around and find out what the top insurance companies are quoting you for the premium, get at least 5 quotes then you can have a chance to get good insurance at the best prices.

Just don’t be caught without car insurance.

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