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Dr Malinga : I didn’t steal anybody’s song


Dr Malinga says he is no song thief

There are reports that Dr Malinga stole a song that he gave to his artist Mr Style, and Dr Malinga says, no, that’s not how it happened.

The ‘Vaya Orlando’ hitmaker, has denied the allegations of being a music thief.

Beat Movement, which is made up of Mandla “Smition” Siluma and Ben “Benzito” Maphothoma, completely disagree. They say they should never have been excluded from Mr Styles music video.

Apparently they co-produced the song, and they feel like they should have been credited for the song and they should have been in the video.

Dr Malinga has explained though, that the song that is being fought for, Uthanda Ungathandiis not his, it does not belong to the Beat Movement, that in fact it belongs to his artist Mr Style.

“I saw that story written on a blog and its all nonsense. Firstly the song belongs to my artist Mr Style who is signed to Lingas Entertainment. I didn’t steal any song. Mr Styles is an artist and he co- produced the song with Beat Movement who are not signed under my stable because we did not have a contract agreement,” Dr Malinga said.

He also added that Beat Movement were entitled to only 25% of profits from the song as co-producers, and not 50% as the number that’s doing the rounds.

“They own 25% of the song and DJ Styles wrote the lyrics as well as sang therefore gets 50% of the royalties.”

 Phewww . . . can they sort this out already?
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