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DSTV Installations Johannesburg


DSTV Johannesburg

DSTV Explora: DSTV Installations Johannesburg

If you are like me and you live alone, the DSTV Explora decoder can be a really good friend.

Some programs are super exciting for me, like ID Extra, channel 171, because I guess I am interested in what the human being is capable of doing, and of course the factors that push them to unleash the evil that is in them.

And then there are local programs that I Love, the likes of Date My Family, The Queen, Saints and Sinners, LockDown, Scandal and others.

Being someone who  is in digital marketing, and working on building my own digital agency from the ground up, i work long hours, and i am not always home.

But thanks to the DSTV Explora, I never have to miss my favorite programs. Some, like Scandal on etv, gets into “Catchup”, and I can watch the episodes at a later stage. Others don’t, but I am still able to record them, to watch later.

This is awesome, because even if I have a hectic week, and I am unable to squeeze some tv time during the week, I can still catch these episodes on the weekend, when I have some free time.

Before I moved to my current place, I had DSTV, which meant I had to sort out some DSTV relocation installations. That was a breeze, because I found some great DSTV installations company in Douglasdale Fourways. And even though I thought it would be a big job, it turned out be easy and fast, or so they made it look that way.

Bottom line, I love my DSTV Explora, and even more, the DSTV Installers that helped me set it up. Whether you stay in Douglasdale like me, or Randburg or Sandton or wherever you may be, there are great DSTV installers near you that will help you.

If you stay in Johannesburg, be sure to visit DSTV Johannesburg, they are the ones I trust in my home, and for setting me up.

If you are in Durban, visit DSTV Durban for expert DSTV installations.

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