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Enhle Mbali Maphumulo leaves Broken Vows


Enhle Mbali Maphumulo Says Goodbye to Broken Vows

Enhle Mbali Maphumulo is leaving Broken Vows, which was being broadcast on ETV, her PR team has confirmed.

Enhle Mbali has a few projects that she is busy with, and her move from Broken Vows is so she can focus on them. This includes her Preggos fashion line and her other work that she does through her production company.

“2017 has been so good to me. I have truly lived up to my career motto, “follow your yellow brick road just pave it in gold “I have lived my passions and monetized my hobbies- I want to be challenged more in my acting and be more actively involved in my philanthropic passions. I loved my Broken Vows family and will miss the whole team dearly. I’m however excited for what 2018 holds in store.” Said Enhle

I must say, I have gotten to love Broken Vows, and its one of the shows that I watch every week. It’s been interesting to see the different characters and the storylines, and yes, it’s disappointing to see her leave.

 I have no doubt that she will soar with everything that she gets involved in. waiting to see how they will phase her out from the show.


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