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Euphonik and DJ Kent’s Store Debut Celebrates One-year By Giving Back

Euphonik and DJ Kent’s Store Celebrates One-year By Giving Back

Pic: www.ifashion.co.za

DJ Euphonik and DJ Kent’s fashion store, Debut, is a year old, and part of celebrating that milestone is through giving back.

The Debut store which is in Johannesbur’s Braamfontein has A.C.E, DJ Euphonik and DJ Kent clothing label. On this 1st year anniversary, the DJ’s are obviously looking back on the challenges that the store had to overcome, and all that they managed to achieve.

“It hasn’t been easy but it’s been an amazing experience to learn a new business. Seeing something come to realization – from concept, to on the shelf, to bumping into someone wearing it on the street – it is an amazing feeling!” says DJ Euphonik.

They are also celebrating the milestone in a special kind of way, by collaborating with Kicks For Charity.

The brilliant idea was suggested by Debut store manager Sibangani Ncube. The idea is to get the community involved, and to donate 2nd hand kicks that orphanages will benefit from this initiative.

People can drop off the sneakers at the Debut store, which is at at 6 De Beer Street in Braamfontein and get great sneakers to those who really need them.