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Feeling Stuck and Frustrated? What Are You Doing About It?


feeling-stuckI know all about the frustration of feeling stuck and frustrated. I know how it feels like when it feels like life has let you down, when you feel like you missed your chance, when you feel like you have have blown up the opportunity to become someone great and effect change in others.

A few years ago, it seemed my life was on track. Seemed like I had everything going for me and I was on the way to something really great and amazing in my life.

All it took was one mistake (OK it was actually 2), to bring everything crashing down. It felt like God was punishing me for something and for a while I wondered what was this thing that I had done that made God so upset.

I searched and searched, and though I did find things in my life that I knew that God was not pleased about, nothing could explain the severe punishment that I felt.

And then one day it dawned on me!

If it was God punishing me, he was only allowing what I was going through to happen because I needed to learn something. And if that was the case, that negative situation he would use for my good in the end.

That realization lifted a heavy load off my shoulders. I also realized that I could continue playing a victim and feeling sorry for myself, or I could get up, dust myself off and start walking towards where I wanted my life to be.

So maybe like me, you are feeling stuck? Frustrated that your life is not going so great? Frustrated that all the opportunities seem to just pass you by?

Let me start by telling you, that life has a second chance for you. You can begin again and you can have the life that you want.

You don’t have to give up on your dreams and hopes for a better life. Here’s how:

Accept what is

Accept and embrace your situation right now. Stop stressing about it and accept that it is what it is. Wallowing in self pity will not change it, thinking about it every second won’t make it better. Just accept that it happened.

Realize that you can’t wish it away

Your situation happened for a reason, just like everything else. Wishing it wasn’t that way won’t make it any better or make it go away.

Make your choice

Do you want to stay in the situation that you are in or do you want something better for yourself? It is your choice that only you can make for yourself. Remember, if you don’t choose change, you will always be where you are, which will only lead to more frustration and stress.

Let go of the past

Yes you messed up, yes you made mistakes, but at some point you must let it go. You can’t keep beating yourself down. Forgive yourself for the role you played to put yourself there and learn to focus on tomorrow.

Commit to the changes you want to make in your life

Once you make the choice that you want a better life, put your plan together. Decide on the goals that you want to achieve and start working towards where you need to go.

There is no reason to feel stuck. Realize that it is temporary, it will pass. Push all the negativity aside and focus on the things you want.

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