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Flabba wanted to marry Sindisiwe Manqele!


Flabba and Sindi

Flabba wanted a future with Sindisiwe Manqele, and he was planning on spending his life with her!

Flabba’s friends have revealed that the Skwatta Kamp rapper wanted to pay lobola for Sindi, and that he was planning a life with her.

Flabba’s death two weeks ago shocked a lot of people, it was both tragic and unexpected, and the entertainment industry is still processing it even now.

It’s even worse for his family, and it didn’t make it any easier when the woman who is responsible for his death was given bail, last week. Alexandra residents were obviously frustrated and angry that the courts had granted her bail.

Flabba’s wife Mpho Habedi has expressed how difficult it’s been to even understand the circumstances of his death.

Drum spoke to some of his friends and family . . . and they have revealed some of the plans that Flabba had.

“He loved that girl and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her,” one of his friend’s said.

“He loved Sindi with all his heart. He loved her and died at the hands of the woman he loved , a woman who was supposed to protect him,” said Nqaba Xulu, Flabba’s uncle.

You can see how Flabba loved Sindi, his love for her was all over social media . . . and he would write about his love for her.

It’s just a really tragic story, because Flabba is just not here to tell it, and the truth is his family and friends may never know the events that took place before that fateful stabbing.

Sindi is back in court May 13th. She says she never meant to kill him!

Sad . . . too tragic!

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