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Flabba’s daughter opens up about her fathers death!


Rapper Flabba with his daughter Lesego Habedi

When Flabba died, he left two precious children who are now without a dad! His oldest Lesego Habedi, has spoken up since her fathers death.

Flabba’s family were on etv’s Check Point, to talk about the tragedy of having lost their beloved.

Flabba’s daughter feels that Sindisiwe Manqele should have thought about what her actions would do to the family, that she should have thought about the consequences of her actions before drawing a knife and stabbing her dad in the heart.

“I just wished she should’ve thought of us before she did it…what about Lesego, what about his mother, what about his wife and his brothers?  Maybe if she thought of that she would not have done it.” Lesego said.

The death of Flabba has obviously left his family shattered, and left to deal with the tragedy and the pain of him being gone.

Sindi maintains that she killed Flabba in self defence, which is yet to prove in court. Check Point also looked at her injuries on her body, some of which we are sure were self inflicted, as she admitted to cutting her wrists.

It is becoming more and more obvious that Flabba and Sindi’s relationship had it’s issues, and this became more clear from the text messages that Flabba’s mom revealed.

This case is just sad . . . and whatever the outcome, there will be no winners.

What are your thoughts, do you think Flabba was really abusive to Sindi?

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