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Flabba’s girlfriend Sindisiwe Manqele granted R10 000 bail


Sindisiwe Manqele gets R10000 bail

Flabba’s girlfriend Sindisiwe Manqele went back to court this morning, and she has been granted bail of R10 000!

The case has been postponed to the 13th of May 2015.

This morning in court, as her bail application was in progress, the court heard about the injuries on her body, after she was referred to a private doctor. The state opposed her bail, giving numerous reasons. Some were, that she will influence witnesses, because she knows them.

The state also said that she is a danger to herself, because she tried to slit her wrists after the stabbing. It was also mentioned, that for public interest, that she should stay behind bars till her trial.

Through her lawyer, she said she killed Flabba in self defense. She alleges that he had attacked her, earlier.

In her bail application, her lawyer also sighted the fact that it is her first offence, and that she is not a flight risk, as she surrendered her passport. She will stay in South Africa, and go on trial for the crime.

Of course, Flabba’s family was obviously not impressed, given the circumstances. Alex resident’s are also not satisfied with what the court has decided.

According to the court, Sindisiwe will have to report to Midrand police station twice a week while out on bail, and she must disclose everytime she wants to get out of Gauteng.

As per the injuries on her body, the state pointed out the injuries were self inflicted. Sindi’s lawyer has admitted that she did slit her wrists, as an emotional reaction to the circumstances.

She has not tried to harm herself since the incident, and the magistrate said that the injuries on her body are too extensive, for them to have been all self inflicted.

Sindisiwe’s case will be heard at the High court, and if she gets convicted, it is said that she could spend her whole in jail.

She is back in court on the 13th May!

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