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Flame for Rio 2016 to Be Lit April 21 in Olympia

Flame for Rio 2016 to Be Lit April 21 in Olympia

Pic: Reuters

According to the Greeks officials, the Rio Olympic flame will be lit in the ruins of Temple of Hera on April 21. On this day, at this archeological site of Olympia, performers will dress like ancient priestesses. High Priestess will call on Apollo, god of the sun, to light a torch.

Once they light the torch, by using a concave mirror which will concentrate sun’s rays, torch with kindled flame will visit 26 state capitals and over 80 cities. The major population of Brasil will be reached during its relay.

Hellenic Olympic Committee presented an idea to have the torch pass through the Elaionas refugee reception in Athens to the International Olympic Committee. This symbolic initiative will enable all the refugees to see the torch and be a torchbearer. Even more, all refugee athletes will be welcomed with Olympic flag and with the Olympic anthem, according to the International Olympic Committee president, Thomas Bach.

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