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Flirting Tips for Guys


Flirting Tips for Guys

Flirting with women for most guys is not something that comes naturally. In fact forget flirting, just being around a woman for a lot of guys is something that gets them very nervous and anxious, so much so that most cannot even say anything funny or intelligent.

However, there are guys who know exactly what to say and how to say it to get the women completely into them. You might say that they have all the luck, but the good thing is you too can learn the secret to flirting with women! There is nothing much to it, it’s really all about being able to have fun, relaxing and being yourself!

So, here some flirting tips for guys that you should use:

Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously – Dating is really fun, or at least it is supposed to be. Some guys just get too serious about it, because they are too worried about messing things up from the second they make the move to approach a girl, right up to actually flirting with her. You need to relax, breathe and be yourself. She might actually like the person you are, so quit trying to be something else that you are not.

The truth is, some girls will be drawn to you and others will not, it is highly unlikely that you will be mr smooth with all the girls that you flirt with, so quit stressing yourself out. You will make mistakes, but the trick is in laughing at yourself and brushing off whatever mistakes you make and continue to have fun. Your attitude towards this is really what will make it easy or difficult to flirt with the girls, and whats more, the mistakes you make will not make the earth shutter because they are not a huge deal. So, relax, be you and enjoy it!

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Flirting is give and take – when you flirt with a woman, it’s never really just about you. The girl is also there and she is a huge part of the process. Part of the process is you listening to her as she talks to you, and of course showing interest in what she is sharing with you. When you pull back and you seem to be interested in another thing, she will definitely notice and she will be more inclined to start being more interested in you so that she can have your attention again.

This is how the dance of flirting is like, you pull away and she tries to get closer to you, she pulls away a little and you try to reel her back in. This is what turns up the heat, and it creates that sexual tension that for the most part can end up in a kiss. It is unpredictable, and depending on how daring you both are, you can take it to new heights.

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Think of flirting as having fun – Never allow yourself to be so nervous and anxious that you do not even have fun. Flirting is all about fun, so make it fun and do have fun in the process. Even if things do not work out, she will always remember the fun she had with you. Whether you make mistakes or not, just let them go. There is really no point in beating yourself down about it.

Instead just move on from it, laugh and smile and continue the conversation. Show interest in her instead of dwelling on how badly you messed up. She will remember the fun she had, not the mistakes you make, so quit focusing on that.

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 Flirting Tips for Guys That Are in a Relationship

Flirting is important when you are in a relationship. The nature of relationships is that you get used to each other, and the chemistry between the two of you starts to dwindle. But to keep things interesting in the relationship, the flirting needs to continue.

Keep things fun, and don’t be bothered by little things. Some things, you are just better off letting them go, and never take yourself or your partner too seriously.

She fell for you, so do not start changing now. Remember, women love to be attractive to their men, so you should still spoil her now and again, you should still tell her she’s beautiful, you should still have fun together and laugh and of course, she still wants you to touch her!

The biggest flirting tip that I can give you is for you to just be yourself, be relaxed and have some fun. If you can do that, girls will like you a whole lot!

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