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#CreateWithCanon: Travel diary as I explore Germany, Switzerland and France!


Xihlamariso Khosa of EpykLiving.co.za has been selected to Create With Canon.

They have given me the pocket-friendly Canon PowerShot SX600 HS to use over the next 3 months; snapping image galleries to give you a look into the things I do, the things I see, and the things I create.

In today’s post, I want to take you through the awesome places and memories from my travels. It’s such a blessing to have been able to travel to Germany, Switzerland and France.

It was the trip of a lifetime for me . . . and I can honestly say that the travelling bug has bitten me hard.

The trip kicked off on 02 April  . . . my first stop being Germany.

As I put this together, it’s so hard to go back to the pics and choose which ones to share. They are all pretty amazing and the memories even more so. Take this journey with me:

The Herkules, Kassel Germany

In the snow Herkules Germany

One of my favorite places in Kassel Germany that I visited was the Herkules. This is when I knew I was in Germany! Though it was spring, the mountain top at the Herkules still had snow. And of course, it was still freezing!

Herkules Kassel Germany

FIFA Headquaters, Zurich Switzerland

Fifa Headquaters Switzerland

I have never been a soccer fan, except for the euphoria that came with the soccer world cup, back in 2010.

But, being at the FIFA Headquarters in Zurich Switzerland will forever change the way I feel about the game of football. What an experience it was!

Fifa Headquaters Switzerland - Me

Fifa Headquaters Switzerland - As I leave

As were leaving the FIFA headquarters, those trees are truly magnificent!

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva - Me

Geneva crossing the lake

On the streets of Geneva

On the streets of Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland!

My view Lausanne Switzerland

Lausanne is what I called home while I was in Switzerland!

What a beautiful place it is . . . my view was overlooking The Alps in France!

Lausanne Capital of the Olympics

Lausanne is the Capital of the Olympics!

One of the fun things I did when I was in Switzerland was attend their Cully Jazz Festival!

France, Evian

Getting into france - me

I sure wish we had spent more time in France. This pic was taken as we were crossing over from Switzerland!

Getting into france - traffic circle

A big shout out to Canon South Africa, who made it possible to capture these amazing memories.

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